Providing the Tools for a Life of Learning

Providing the Tools for a Life of LearningProviding the Tools for a Life of Learning



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Governments love control.... until there is a debate.

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 You have been lied to... The Global Warming Hoax is alive and well and the systematic brainwashing of all... under 40 years of age,  is almost complete. Please google the words "existential threat" to get a tip of the iceberg (pun intended) of group think and the disastrous effect of words on a dumb downed population. 

Please hurry as we only have 10 years left (Greta Thunberg)!

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Political discourse has taken on a certain shade of Camus. The term existential threat is fertile of late, especially among Democratic presidential hopefuls. It has become a set term in reference to climate change, as used by Governor Jay Inslee and by Senator Elizabeth Warren, both  on twitter and in speeches.


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We promise to provide the most notable arguments to the "Global Warming Hoax" to save you time and research  to reveal the very nature of this plan.


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We include everyone in the take down of biased, non sensical, fear mongering, and pure fraud. We are willing to expose anyone in this blatant corruption of scientific- religious group think.

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